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    About Karen Corona, LCSW - Licensed Therapist

    Hello.  Welcome.  I’m Karen Corona.  I’m a licensed therapist in the state of Oregon and California with an office in Portland, Oregon.  More specifically, I help women heal trauma and develop a sense of emotional well-being.

    If you are struggling in your sobriety & recovery due to childhood emotional abuse or neglect and family of origin dysfunction, then take heart as there is a solution.  The struggle may be showing up as symptoms with bouts of anxiety and depression.  Or, as survival skills, related to perfectionism, control, people-pleasing, hypercritical self-talk, or an identity-based in externals.

    Often there are parts of yourself in conflict with each other and this creates a self-sabotaging pattern.  In this way, unresolved trauma can feel like you are trapped in a ‘war zone’ in your mind and heart.  It may be keeping you from moving forward in your life and taking steps towards your hopes and dreams.

    The healing & recovery process has the potential to restore emotional well-being, develop inner freedom, and awaken to a newfound wholeness one never thought possible.

    I have known and understand the lived experience of suffering and emotional pain due to the effects of childhood wounds and being caught in a self-medicating cycle.  Many years ago, I had an impactful therapy experience as a client.  This allowed me to be free from the entanglements of my own inner prison.  It is because I have known this restoration of emotional well-being and freedom that I am honored to do the work I do today.

    The combination of my own recovery healing journey and my clinical training equips me to help you effectively heal trauma wounds and yield the transformations in your life you are hoping for.  This is my passionate purpose.

    I value the therapist-client relationship as being a central catalyst in the healing work.  It is my belief that creating and holding a safe place for you to address your struggles is essential.  My demeanor is warm and compassionate.

    I invite you to contact me today to discuss if we would be a “good fit” in working together.

    Education, Clinical Experience & Training

    • Master’s degree in Counseling from Santa Clara University (CA) 1999
    • Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) from San Diego State (CA) 2003
    • My License is as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) which is active both in the state of Oregon (OR L#5719) and California (CA L#25047)
    • I offer teletherapy to individuals residing in either Oregon or California
    • My office for in-person therapy is located in Portland, Oregon

    My clinical experience has been in a myriad of mental health, counseling, and substance abuse settings.

    I hold a certificate in Expressive Arts Studies from JFK University in Pleasant Hill, CA.

    Expressive Arts Therapy is an approach to healing trauma wounds that I offer as part of the therapy process.

    Since a young child, what lights up my world is anything creative and at the same time you’ll find my drawings permeated with ‘stick figures’.

    Expressive Arts therapy requires no art experience and it’s about the process, not the product.


    Invest in You and call me today at 925-222-1568 to schedule your free initial 20-minute consultation.