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    Wellness from a holistic perspective addresses health in the areas of body, mind, HeART, and spirit.

    Are you feeling blocked in one or more areas of the core components of wellness?

    Are you stuck finding yourself repeating old patterns and being in familiar unwanted emotional states like overwhelm, frustration, discouragement, or anger?

    Do you have an old narrative about your life and circumstances that whispers, “I don’t have enough” or “I AM not enough” which is reflective of a scarcity or lack mentality?   The old narrative often harbors self-limiting beliefs.

    In my CREATIVE WELLNESS sessions with individuals, we look at body, mind, HeART, spirit, and relationships and determine what areas you are doing well in and what areas need improvement.  You will identify ‘Wellness Rhythms’ in each of these areas and what practices are important for you to integrate into your daily life.  I assert that a key component of Creative Wellness is emotional freedom where you live out the best version of YOU.

    The areas of obstacles are addressed and this may include anxiety/fears, depression, emotional wounds, grief/loss, or life transitions where you may feel ‘stuck’ in some way.  We will explore any ‘emotional roadblocks’ to living your own colorful, unique life journey to it’s fullest.  It’s about blooming into your best YOU.

    In addition, there is a focus on compassionate self-care and what in your life currently may be preventing you from a regular practice.  Self-care, however, can also be about a state of being and how you are relating to yourself.  Part of this process involves a value clarification exercise.  The other thematic area addressed is about cultivating creative JOY and inner PEACE in your life.  There are creative practices and tools I offer as invitations in this work together.

    Additionally, there is an option to discover SoulCollage® in these sessions.  I am a trained Facilitator and can integrate this powerful creative tool into our work around CREATIVE WELLNESS.  For more information on SoulCollage® see the tab on my Home Page.

    The clinical areas (mentioned above) you may be struggling with and want help & support with would be integrated into this work and may include the following:

    • Anxiety

    • Depression

    • Emotional Wounds (HeART wounds)

    • Grief/Loss

    • Compulsive or Addictive behavior cycles

    • Life Transitions

    Examples of Creative Arts invitations:  Create & Color a Mandala (identifying in the inside things you can control and on the outside things you can not control).  Create a Past, Present, and Future collage.  Create a deck of Truth Affirmation Mantras on 3 x5 cards and decorate in creative ways.

    It would be an honor to work with you and support you in your journey to live out your best version of YOU and embrace life fulfillment.

    Invest in YOU today.