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    I am a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator.  One of the services I offer in my practice is individual SoulCollage® sessions.

    SoulCollage® is a creative tool for personal growth and transformation.  It involves creating collaged images on 5 x 7 cards that may then be used to extrapolate wisdom from to give one direction.  It’s a process that can add meaning to one’s experiences with increased self-awareness in one’s life journey.  It is considered to be ‘soul-tending’ sacred work.

    A SoulCollage® deck is a celebration of the parts of one’s soul & personality and no two decks are alike.  This intuitive creative collage process allows for new insights and personal empowerment.  It can be a way to improve the communication between your conscious and unconscious mind in order for what needs to next be revealed in your transformation journey.

    Seena Frost, a psychotherapist with a passion for creativity, personal growth, and spirituality, is the birthmother of the SoulCollage® process.  A SoulCollage® deck has Four Suits to include The Committee Suit, The Community Suit, The Companions Suit, and The Council Suit.  The Committee Suit is that which represents all the inner parts of one’s personality.  The Community Suit are one’s ‘supporters and challengers’, those in one’s social world to include people, pets, or various historical individuals who have made an imprint on one’s soul.  The Companions Suit is related to the seven chakra and a corresponding animal image that one identifies through a process of guided visualization.  And, the Council Suit is all about archetypes that guide one and have influence on one’s being.  A deck of SoulCollage® cards also has three “Transpersonal Cards” – a Source card that symbolizes the One or the Divine, as well as a Witness and a Soul Essence card.

    A SoulCollage® Reading process involves what is called, “I Am One Who” where the person who created the card speaks from the various images addressing and answering this noted statement (‘I Am One Who….’).  Often a card will have a title that emerges from the reading.  The reading can then be used for intuitive wisdom to address a life question one is seeking to have answered.

    I was first introduced to SoulCollage® back in May of 2010 at an art store called University Art in Sacramento, California.  The woman, Margaret Sarantis, a SoulCollage® Facilitator, was offering a mini workshop on SoulCollage®.  I really loved the process and making cards as I’ve always gravitated towards collage art.  The added bonus was that the process interwove ways to heal, grow, and transform through the imagery created and the SoulCollage® Readings.  It is a powerful, creative, intuitive process, a way art can be threaded into one’s personal healing journey.  I now have a deck of cards I’ve created through the years.  There is an invitation to pick a card each morning and do reflective journal writing in response to the card picked.

    In the individual SoulCollage® sessions, I offer, there is an option to create a specific deck of cards I call the ‘Emotional Freedom’ deck.  There are 12 different cards created that have to do with moving from an ‘inner captivity’ to ‘emotional freedom’.  By ‘inner captivity’ I am referring to anything blocking you in your journey that holds you back or keeps you stuck.  This may be certain self-limiting beliefs or negative mindsets.  It may be repeated negative emotional states like discouragement, frustration, anger, overwhelm, or defeat.  It may be familiar relational patterns that prevent you from engaging in fulfilling and healthy relationships.  By ‘emotional freedom’ I am referring to a life where you are Living Transformed and exemplifying the best version of YOU.  It is where you know your identity, value/worth, and your divine purpose and walk that out one day at a time.  You know how to travel lightly and freely.  You have discovered an ‘Inner Promised Land’ where abundance, grace, gratitude, serenity, and creative joy abide.  Examples of some of the SoulCollage® cards created for your Emotional Freedom deck include:  an Inner Child Card, images that represent your ‘Inner Captivity’ and images that represent your ‘Emotional Freedom’, and a creative JOY card.

    Discover a creative pathway to healing, growth, and transformation.  Call today to set up your first SoulCollage® individual session.